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Ferdinger – Plein Soleil

Year: 21 April, 2023
Genre: Techno
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Darkness At Noon (05:31)
2. Plein Soleil (05:36)
3. The Art Of Letting Go (06:09)
4. Under My Spell (05:52)

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Ferdinger aka Ferdinand Gratz returns to ARTS following his 2020 debut for the label. Fans of 90s club techno will find much to love here. “Darkness at Noon” leads with dramatic chord builds tied to an insistent rhythm, invoking Dave Angel’s more clubby work. The title track sees Ferdinger add dramatic filters to this approach. Combined with jittery keys and a slamming rhythm, it makes for a highly impactful track. On “The Art of Letting Go”, the focus is on murmuring tribal drums and atmospheric melodies – this fusion makes for the release’s deepest track. In contrast, “Under My Spell” resounds to tough drums and dramatic filter sweeps, making for another classic techno-inspired track.

20.04.2023 Techno , Label ARTS

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