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Pye Corner Audio – The Black Mist


LABEL: Front And Follow | F&F031
GENRE: Electronic
BITRATE: 320kbps / 44100kHz / Joint Stereo
SIZE: 46.40 megs


21.08.2014 ElectronicARTIST:, Read more

Not Waving & Pye Corner Audio – Intercepts


Artist: Not Waving & Pye Corner Audio
Title Of Album: Intercepts
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Ecstatic / ELP006
Genre: Experimental, Electronic
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:40:59
Total Size: 94 mb

‘Intercepts’ is a declassified dispatch of industrial espionage and ambient adventures from the chambers of Pye Corner Audio and Alessio Natalizia aka Not Waving. Inspired by the arcane, furtive world of spy rings – from the Rosenburgs to the Cambridge Five and the Duquesne case – they present encrypted analog communiques resonating with the mystery and drama of those covert operations. Pye Corner Audio sets out a killer suite of signature, lustrous synth arpeggios and soft-soled but driving bass perfect for purring around European cities behind blacked out windows, whilst Not Waving presents a set of precipitous kosmicshe drones, pastoral cues and adrenalised but ice-cool sci-fi techno. Psst, one for those who know…!

A1 Perfect Secrecy Forever
A2 Twisted Wire Pair
A3 Shared Secret Key
A4 One Time Pad
B1 Protect The Revolution
B2 Two-Way Mirror
B3 Enemies Of The People
B4 Like Shooting A Fish In A Barrel

320 kbps

29.07.2014 Album  Electronic  ExperimentalARTIST:, , Read more

Pye Corner Audio – Black Mill Tapes Vol​.​1: Avant Shards


Artist: Pye Corner Audio
Title Of Album: Black Mill Tapes Vol​.​1: Avant Shards
Year Of Release: 13 0ct 2010
Label: Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services – pca 01
Genre: Experimental / Ambient
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:30:50
Total Size: 87 mb

01. Transmission One: Lonesome Vale (1:50)
02. We Have Visitors (3:50)
03. Folk Festival (1:06)
04. Electronic Rhythm Number Three (4:59)
05. A Dark Door (2:21)
06. Theme Number Four (2:05)
07. Electronic Rhythm Number Eight (5:05)
08. Building Twelve, Room One (1:29)
09. Theme Number Nine (2:33)
10. Transmission Three: Briar Lane (1:53)
11. Gathering (3:34)

Black Mill Tapes Vol.1 by Pye Corner Audio

320 kbps

17.01.2014 Album  Ambient / Downtempo  ExperimentalARTIST: Read more

Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games


Label: Ghost Box
Catalog#: GBX017
Release date: 19-11-2012
Source: WEB
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 114 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Electronic, Ambient

01. Sleep Games
02. The Black Mill Video Tape
03. Print Through
04. Deep End
05. Into The Maze
06. Experimental Road Surface
07. Yesterday’s Entertainment
08. The Mirror Ball Cracked
09. Palais Spectres
10. Remanence
11. A Door In The Dry Ice
12. A Non-Place
13. Underneath The Dancefloor
14. Nostalgia Pills
15. Chlorine
16. Nature Reclaims The Town

Pye Corner Audio’s darkling synthetic transmissions had been hovering under the radar for a couple of years before 2012’s Black Mill Tapes collection on Type brought them to a wider and grateful audience. Now, Martin Jenkins finds himself equally lauded by the likes of Sandwell District’s Juan Mendez and Minimal Wave’s Veronica Vasicka as by the UK hauntological set – a testament to the scope and adaptability of his stygian productions. Nonetheless, this album release feels right at home on Ghost Box, and it follows Jenkins’ contribution to the label’s 7″ Study Series last year. If The Black Mill Tapes focussed on the unheimlich but decidedly driving meta-techno side of the Pye sound, Sleep Games gives as much time to exploring its more abstract and oneiric peripheries. Nonetheless, rhythm is foregrounded throughout: from the woozy, tape-warped Boards of Canada-ism of ‘Sleep Games’, via the Xander Harris/Umberto-esque giallo-disco chug of ‘The Black Mill Video Tape’ through to the distant, dubby pulse of ‘Palais Spectres’ and the rolling toms of ‘Underneath The Dancefloor’. Eschewing the tweeness which has arguably softened the impact of recent Ghost Box releases, Sleep Games is refreshingly drug-hazed and zonked-out yet shark-eyed, minimalist and full of post-apocalyptic, cold-wave menace: you can more easily imagine this stuff soundtracking a car ride through the deserted industrial zones of coastal America than a ramble round the Belbury parish and its bucolic environs. At the same time, this feels like a Ghost Box release through and through: ‘Print Through’ is a radiophonic seance right from the grimoire of Eric Zann, ‘Deep End’ has the school textbook sci-fi sigh of classic Belbury Poly and ‘Yesterday’s Enemy’ the occult public service broadcasting vibe of early Advisory Circle.

320 kbps

16.01.2014 Album  Ambient / Downtempo  Electronic  ExperimentalARTIST:, Read more

Pye Corner Audio – Black Mill Tapes Vol​.​4


Artist: Pye Corner Audio
Title Of Album: Black Mill Tapes Vol​.​4
Year Of Release: 24 0ct 2013
Label: Pye Corner Audio – 118
Genre: Experimental, Techno, Electronic
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:45:42
Total Size: 104 mb

1.Transmission Five:The Old Place 01:37
2.Dystopian Vector Part One 05:55
3.Transmission Thirteen:Line Of Sight 01:05
4.Electronic Rhythm Number Nine 04:48
5.Theme Number Seven 03:24
6.Electronic Rhythm Number Two 03:35
7.Electronic Rhythm Number Twelve 06:08
8.Transmission Nine:Black Light 02:55
9.Void Bound 05:04
10.Dystopian Vector Part Two 03:06
11.Evil Surrounds 04:49
12.Cont No Stop 03:10

Black Mill Tapes Vol.4 by Pye Corner Audio

320 kbps

15.01.2014 Album  Electronic  ExperimentalARTIST: Read more

Pye Corner Audio – Superstitious Century


Artist: Pye Corner Audio
Title Of Album: Superstitious Century
Year Of Release: feb 2013
Label: Boomkat Editions / BKEDIT005
Genre: Experimental, techno
Quality: MP3 / FLAC, Vinyl, 12″, Limited Edition
Bitrate: 320 kbps / Lossless
Total Time: 00:19:18
Total Size: 43 mb / 94 mb

A1 – Vorticism
A2 – Zero Centre
B1 – Wasted Evolution
B2 – End Of All Eras

Excerpts from the album. Now available from* The Head Technician cruises up with his first 12″ maxi single, presented on Boomkat Editions. Since Type’s reissue of his Black Mill Tapes last year, PCA has had praise coming from all angles: whether it’s for his slick-but-sleazy, Carl Craigian lustre, the BoC-like melodic hooks, or his beautifully full bodied analogue production; he’s really hit a collective soft spot dead on. We were keen to hear him attempt something slightly more club-wise, and, et voila, we now have Superstitious Century. Opener “Vorticism” is a real peach, steeped in nostalgia for early ’90s UK house with the rosy-cheeked, wide-eyed essence of Smokebelch and classic AFX (it almost sounds like something off the first Analogue Bubblebath EP) distilled to a spine-tingling brew, and neatly contrasting with the subtle, slo-mo balearic build of “Zero Centre” to complete the A-side. Turn her over for the extended and seductively oily, oriental chug of “Wasted Evolution”, which has become a bit of an anthem at our monthly Haxan gatherings, and there’s the blissed out arpeggios of “End of all Eras” to bring us safely in to port, like some lost outtake off Boards of Canada’s Music Has the Right to Children.

320 kbps

04.06.2013 Experimental  TechnoARTIST:, Read more

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