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Jeroen Search – Shadow Dimensions

Label/Cat#: Token – TOKEN118D
Year: 2023-08-25
Genre: Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Jeroen Search – Light Spinner (05:20)
2. Jeroen Search – Six Requests (05:38)
3. Jeroen Search – Ten Foot Radius (04:35)
4. Jeroen Search – Restore Balance (04:51)

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Two years have passed since his last release on Token Records, and now Jeroen Search is back with his unmistakable style for a lesson in techno production called ‘Shadow Dimension’. Stripped down and minimal, we’re reminded that the original character of this music can be found in the hissing of circuits and the impact of analog distortion. Wasting no time, Search kicks the record off at full pace with a spacey arpeggio and resonating percussion. Hiding ‘Light Spinner’ in initial obscurity, the Dutchman reveals steady intrigue by controlling tension and opening up his elements throughout its duration. The fluttering synthline is quickly exchanged for shuffled hi hats and a brutally monophonic lead. What begins as a rather two-dimensional track is given depth by levitating pads wide in the stereo image and competing 909 rides. Still a rhythm-heavy record, Search gives ‘Six Requests’ thrilling atmospheres to a throbbing core. Moving on to the B-side, the seasoned producer starts fresh with a warbly lead over a layered kick drum in ‘Ten Foot Radius’. Keeping things simple most of the time, Search fiddles lightheartedly with his parameters to turn his synth into almost noise over a steady percussion. The quirkiness of the record has a more aggressive underbelly, luring the listener into a club ready cut. Moving on to the closer ‘Restore Balance’, Search does just that. Finding a groove in a quicker percussion-line, bouncy keys hop about a fun but concentrated record. An ever evolving structure cutting along, he plays with the dry of his percussion and the wet of his synths, mastering the unique production style he’s known for.

24.08.2023 Dub Techno Techno , Label Token

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