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Takiru, Omri Guetta & Baroth – Never Enough Ep

Label/Cat#: Kiosk ID – kioskid027
Year: 2024-05-24
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Takiru & Omri Guetta – Never Enough (05:34)
2. Takiru & Baroth – All Of His Friends [Original] (06:09)
3. Takiru & Baroth – All Of His Friends [Sobek Remix] (05:56)

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Tel Aviv-based DJ and producer Takiru delivers a vibrant, dancefloor-centric fusion of warmly evolving arpeggios and driving percussive groove structures for Kiosk ID no. 027. Inspired by the unique sense of interconnectedness dance music can evoke, ‘Never Enough’ features two collaborations with Baroth and Omri Guetta and an atmospheric reimagination by Sobek. ‘Never Enough’ unleashes rays of fluttering staccato chords and bit-crushed bass salvos that hover across perpetually cycling drum structures. Takiru and Omri Guetta invoke a yearning lust for life with a vocal mantra, epitomizing the power of dance music’s energetic release with a dynamic and brightly uplifting groover. ‘All Of His Friends’ is a melodically-charged torrent of cascading arps, spaced-out vocals, and a compact, throbbing substructure. Anchored in buoyant, springy percussion, Takiru and Baroth’s title track unfolds waves of loopy synth themes that morph across the frequency spectrum, forming ever-evolving layers of melodic nuance across an infectiously danceable core. Sobek’s edit electrifies ‘All Of His Friends’ with ultra-low subs, drawn-out energy arcs, and high-voltage percussion. An evocative lead synth infuses the pulsating original with a searing sense of drama and powerful anthemic qualities. Takiru’s pulsating and deceptively melodic sound merges Indie Dance and uptempo Playa Tech into an arp-crazed brand of groove-centric dancefloor ecstasy. As a collaborative effort, ‘All Of His Friends’ encapsulates the power of interconnectedness in music – artistically in the studio and as a shared release of euphoria on the dancefloor.

26.05.2024 Tech House Techno , , , Label Kiosk ID

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