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Nakk – Echoes

Label/Cat#: Marginalia – MRG009
Year: 2024-05-24
Genre: Melodic House & Techno
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Nakk – Echoes (06:28)
2. Nakk & Evade (MT) – Echoes [Evade Remix] (05:12)
3. Nakk – Bottom Line (06:10)

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Nakk delivers his “Echoes” EP coming on Elif’s Marginalia along with a remix from Evade. “Echoes” is a captivating track that blends elements of deep house with melodic techno, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that pulls listeners in from the start. The track features intricate rhythms, lush synths, and a pulsating bassline that drives the energy forward. Evade’s remix takes “Echoes” to new heights, maintaining the essence of the original but infusing harder-hitting beats and atmospheric textures, making it a standout track for both dancefloors and home listening. Meanwhile, second track “Bottom Line” from Nakk features a pulsating bassline, intricate percussion, and ethereal melodies that create a hypnotic groove throughout. All in all, Nakk and Evade showcase their versatility and creativity that further solidifies their place in the electronic music world.

26.05.2024 Tech House Techno , Label Marginalia

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