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Amy Dabbs – Girl Like Me

Label/Cat#: Distant Horizons – DISTANT 003
Year: 11 December, 2020
Genre: Deep House
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Girl Like Me (05:50)
2. Mellowday (07:11)
3. No More Distractions (06:55)
4. The Player (07:36)

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Up and coming British house artist Amy Dabbs takes us on a journey through the house music galaxy, pulling influences from the past while propelling us into the future with her latest release ‘Girl Like Me’ released on Distant Horizons, a sub-label of London mainstay Lobster Theremin.

The four track EP encapsulates the vision and virtues of classic house, reflecting elements from Amy’s musical upbringing, infusing influences from Motown through to early house, and simultaneously instilling whispers of 80s and 90s soul that formed the building blocks of the modern day house sound.

Opening track ‘Girl Like Me’ sets the tone with a vibrant pace and rhythmic precision. Illustrating life’s ups and downs, it’s a true testament to the power of positivity and nurtures the ever-present possibility of enrichment in our lives, even through hard times. ‘Mellowday’ is a classic Detroit house number infused with touches of jazz. It’s sublimely uplifting, a feel-good tune with an exquisite sound pallett and vibey vocals.The positive energy of the track and the title itself are inspired by her adopted rescue dog, Melody.

‘No More Distractions’ shouts-out to the old skool. Cited by Amy as “inspirations” in her musical career, musical legends such as Larry Heard and Metro Area are paid homage to in this track with a revitalised use of the Juno 106, remembering sounds in an 80s-into-90s style epic encounter. Lastly, ‘The Player’ is a pure complement to the end of the night, lifting you up with its soaring pads whilst grounding you with the lyrics of the spoken word. Lyrically relatable and a groove to end on. This is a tune to mend your wings and fly to.

‘Girl Like Me’ EP drops Friday 11th December, via Distant Horizons.

10.12.2020 Deep House , Label Distant Horizons

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