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Mr. Ho – Michaelsoft

Label/Cat#: Klasse Wrecks – WRECKS037
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 03 Dec 2021
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Techno
Format: 2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

1. 000Baby (Alternative Mix) (07:15)
2. In-Best (04:42)
3. Ngomee (ft. Xiaolin) (feat. Xiaolin) (04:56)
4. Bail-E (07:52)
5. Quit Startin’ (04:58)
6. Perfect Round (05:22)
7. Mind Pollution (06:25)
8. 14ME (04:49)

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Timing is a funny thing and Mr. Ho knows this all too well. His biggest record dropped mid-lockdown when clubland was closed to the general public, the producer thinking he had then heard the end of it. The truth was in fact far from it, the ‘Eu-Li’ EP (he produced with soulful Seoul producer Mogwaa) went on to be repressed another 4 times and seemed to soundtrack a vast majority of clubbers return to some sort of normality. As the world is still reeling and the pressing plants are feeling the pressure of increased demand timing is a once again a factor in the release of Mr. Ho’s debut album ‘Michaelsoft’ and the record seems to soldier on regardless and all the better for it. A perfect and sophisticated summation of the talented producers skill at making sonically slick groove-led music, ranging wide in genres and moods. The album is a journey of sorts, kicking off with the dreamy breaks of ‘000Baby’ and the slightly broken beats of the spine-tingling ‘Ngomee’ before venturing into hectic and threatening electro with ‘Quit Startin’ and ghetto-funk stylings of ’14me’. After listening to ‘Michaelsoft’ the listener is reminded once again of the subject of time, specifically the time the producer has spent silently honing and calmly perfecting his craft whilst the rest of the world seems to descend into chaos.

12.01.2022 Album Breakbeat Electro House Techno , Label Klasse Wrecks

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