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Sigha – Metabolism

Label/Cat#: Token Belgium – TOKEN 70D
Year: 24 February, 2017
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Total length: 55:26

1. Suffocate (02:59)
2. Down (05:09)
3. Stabbing (06:47)
4. Porcelain (04:30)
5. Strobing (06:21)
6. Coming Apart (03:21)
7. Black Massing (05:15)
8. Interior (06:02)
9. Her (04:29)
10. Morning Star (06:31)
11. Positive Mutilation (01:43)
12. Porcelain (02:19)

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Hotflush alumnus Sigha has long been a masterful exponent of dark and gothic techno, developing a signature style that puts pitch-black textures and paranoid atmospherics at the heart of the action. Metabolism is the producer’s second full length, and his first since joining Token in 2015. The 12-track set is in a similar vein to his previous work, with the 12 tracks flitting between deep and intricate explorations, more forthright workouts, and clandestine cuts that shy away from easy categorization. It’s a formula that guarantees consistently impressive results.

18.07.2021 Album Techno Label Token

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