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Hidden Empire – Mind Palace

Label/Cat#: Stil Vor Talent Germany – SVT 216
Source: WEB
Release date: 23 March, 2018
Format: flac
Quality: lossless
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal/Tech House
Total length: 01:33:37

1. Journey Into Self 04:53
2. World Of Fantasy 06:33
3. Hummus 06:58
4. Pure (feat Inga Nelke) 06:16
5. Acid Flashback 05:36
6. Asmoday 08:05
7. Limbo In Detroit 06:01
8. In The Woods 05:49
9. Fafnir 06:33
10. Black Beauty 07:08
11. Marching Whales 02:20
12. Tornado 06:42
13. Natural Takeover 06:01
14. Brave Of The Minority 06:52
15. Mind Palace 04:35
16. Dejavu 03:15

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With just a few EPs to their credit, production pair Hidden Empire deliver their debut album. It’s a bold move, but one which showcases their production skills. “Journey Into Self” is a menacing, ebm-style groove, while on “World of Fantasy” and “Hummus”, they drop pulsating, mesmerising tracks, like evolved versions of 90s trance. “Acid Flashback” is also redolent of the same decade, but recalls the wildest 303 excesses of Emanuel Top and vintage Harthouse. Proving that they are not just obsessed with the past, “In The Woods” is a noisy, rolling techno groove, while on “Fafnir”, they channel the influence of the Middle East for a spellbinding percussive workout

22.03.2018 Album Tech House Label Stil Vor Talent

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