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Head High & WK7 – Home. House. Hardcore.

Artist: Head High & WK7
Title Of Album: Home. House. Hardcore.
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Power House | 606
Genre: Techno
Quality: flac
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 02:18:25

1. Hex Pad 1:27
2. It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion) 9:15
3. It’s A Love Thing (Power Cut) 9:01
4. WK7- Avalanche 7:12
5. WK7- Higher Power (Original Mix) 6:10
6. WK7- Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) 5:48
7. Rave (Dirt Mix) 6:46
8. WK7- Do It Yourself 5:49
9. Keep On Talking (Dirt Mix) 6:10
10. Megatrap (Real Mix) 4:13
11. Power Seat 6:05
12. WK7- More Music 5:23
13. Megatrap (Mix Mix) 6:08
14. Hardcore 3:09
15. Home.House.Hardcore. (Continuous Mix) 55:49

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Bringing together tracks released by Rene ‘Shed’ Pawlowitz under his Head High and WK7 guises, this collection shows that when it comes to unabashed, wide-eyed techno, the German producer has few peers. Pawlowitz has spoken before of his love of the early 90s period and that influence is never far away here. From the hard core-referencing, hands in the air-style piano lines of “It’s A Love Thing (Piano Invasion) ” to the furious break beats of “Higher Power (Hardcore PCK mix)” and the woobly jungle sub-bass of “Megatrap (Mix mix)”, this collection is a riotous and hugely enjoyable interpretation of that golden era in dance music. With Shed as your guide, it’ll be impossible not to have a good time.

21.10.2021 Album Techno , Label Power House

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