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Mr. Bill – Lego Bolognese

Mr. Bill - Lego Bolognese

Label: Omelette
Catalog#: none
Source: WEB
Release date: 07-01-2013
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 39 mb
Genre: Electronic
Style: Glitch Hop, Funky, IDM

1 Heisenbogan
2 Piss Rash Blues
3 SBS Quality
4 Heisenbogan (Love & Light Remix)

Articulated and refined, ‘Lego Bolognese’ is a delicious exploration of funky and glitchy beats distinctly rooted in a mellow blues oriented soundscape. With no sound placeless or any moment akward this EP keeps the head nodding from start to finish. Another huge release from Mr. Bill with a bonus top notch remix from Love and Light!

Rich, bluesy flavours set the space in ‘Heisenbogan’, and are quickly infiltrated by tight percussion and hyper-specific bass articulations. With dense layers of muted guitars and a wild west twang echoing over a powerful and polished glitch hop beat. Soft chords take you into a lounge-y breakdown and allow the track to simmer into a mellow flow.

In ‘Piss Rash Blues’ an organic drum kit along with a precision cut Saxophone flare lock into an immediately entrancing groove with a raw organic soundscape that seems clearer by the moment. Synthetic pads and melodic snippets balance the spectrum solidifying this song into another deep and loungey number.

‘SBS Quality’ immediately captures the attention with tightening percussive elements and raw textures stretched over warm and bendy chords. Quickly dropping into dense flashes of serialised funk that are locked together by an incredibly crisp beat. Unfolding in a sweet lullaby of a breakdown, the second half culminates in a fury of bubbles, funk and percussive genius before gently settling to rest.

Closing out the EP. is ‘Love and Light’s’ rocking remix of ‘Heisenbogan’. It’s huge beat and raw bass tones, topped of with vocal embellishments and airy sweeps give it an extra crunky feel. With rip roaring synth bass and slap bass extractions cutting through a rich atmosphere, this remix is sure rock the dance floors.

320 kbps

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