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4 To The Floor Presents Nu Groove

Label/Cat#: 4 To The Floor Records – FTTF009D
Source: WEB
Release date: 2018-02-16
Format: flac
Quality: losslesss
Genre: Electronic
Style: House

1. Equation – The Answer (Burrell’s X? Mix)5:24
2. Tech Trax Inc. – Feel The Luv (Sex Mix)11:55
3. Bas Noir, Les Adams – My Love Is Magic (Big Bas Drum Mix)7:34
4. The Sound Vandals – On Your Way (Bonus Beat)4:00
5. Tech Trax Inc. – Tech Trax Inc. (Xplanitory Mix)3:57
6. Metro – Angel Of Mercy (Dub)5:20
7. N.Y. House’n Authority – Fort Green House (Original Mix)5:33
8. Bas Noir – I’m Glad You Came To Me (Dub Mix)7:08
9. Roqui – You Are On My Mind (On My Mind 12″)6:49
10. N.Y. House’n Authority – APT. 1B (Original Mix)4:56
11. K.A.T.O. – Disco-Tech (Studio 54 Mix)4:30
12. The Utopia Project – File #2 (Original Mix)4:09
13. Aphrodisiac – Your Love (Club)6:33
14. K.A.T.O. – The Booty Dance (How 2 Mix)5:59
15. Emjay – Come N’ Get It (Edit)4:22
16. N.Y. House’n Authority – Tilden House (Original Mix)7:02
17. DTR, Marilyn Sareo – Journey Into A Dream feat. Marilyn Sareo (Sex In Paradise)6:40
18. Roqui – Lover (House Mix)6:12
19. Aphrodisiac – Song Of The Siren (Mediterranean Mix)5:43
20. TRACER – Love Fantasy (Vocal)6:29
21. Equation – I’ll Say A Prayer 4 U (Original Mix)5:58
22. Frankie Bones, Tommy Musto, Lisa Lee – When Can I Call You (Tommy Musto & Franky Bones British Telecom Mix)5:35
23. Metro – Turnstyle Turbulance (Original Mix)4:32
24. Project “86” – Total Recall (Original Mix)6:18
25. DTR – How Many Times? (Unity) (Acid Theme)5:41

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Originally started in 1988 by Frank and Karen Mendez as an outlet for some of Rheji and Ronald Burrell’s more experimental musical adventures, Nu Groove was very much a reflection of New York’s house sound. The label would go on to help launch the careers of a number of local talents including Joey Beltram and Kenny Dope, but the Burrell brothers were by far the most prolific. Having bailed from their fledgling careers as commercial R&B producers, the Burrell brothers found a home with Nu Groove Records. Almost 30 years later, Luke Solomon has re-assembled the catalogue and the spirit of this legendary New York label lives on. ‘4 To The Floor presents Nu Groove’ showcases the early releases from the label, opening a time capsule to the underground sound of downtown New York between 1988-91. Luke Solomon’s selections range between club mixes, mid-tempo pumpers and the rhythmic, synth-heavy sound that characterised the early 90s. Remastered and sounding better than ever, the compilation still retains its glorious original analogue quality. Starting the Nu Groove history at the beginning, the label’s very first release, Tech Trax Inc.’s ‘Feel The Luv’ takes pride of place on the compilation. Further highlights include two tracks from the much-loved New Jersey vocal group Bas Noir, ‘My Love Is Magic’ and ‘I’m Glad You Came To Me’, both examples of state-of-the-art soulful dance music. There are also two inclusions from DTR in tribute to Ralph ‘DTR’ Soler and his recent passing; ‘Journey Into A Dream (Sex In Paradise)’ and ‘How Many Times’, both cult releases from the Nu Groove catalogue. Digging for those lightbulb moments of musical discovery, Luke Solomon has come up with gold. 4 To The Floor presents Nu Groove 1. Equation ‘The Answer’ (Burrell’s X? Mix) Written, Produced, Orchestrated & Mixed by Rhano Burrell Recorded at Sampson Studios, East Brunswick, N.J. Executive Producer: Mieka & Tyson for Mystars Ltd Published by Rhano Burrell Music (ASCAP) P&C 1989 Nu Groove Records/Burrell Brothers 2. Tech Trax Inc. ‘Feel The Luv’ (Sex Mix) Written & Produced & Mixed by Rheji Burrell Recorded at NCP Studios Engineered by Tommy Musto Mastered by Chris Gehringer Executive Producer: Mystars Ltd Published by Burrell Music Publishing (ASCAP) P&C 1988 Nu Groove Records/Burrell Brothers 3. Bas Noir ‘My Love Is Magic’ (Big Bas Drum Remix) Written & Produced by Rhano Burrell Vocals by Bas Noir (Mary Ridley & Morie Bivins) Mixed by Rhano Burrell & Tommy Musto Mix Engineered by Mario Salvati Executive Producer: Mystarz Ltd Remix & Additional Production by Les Adams Keyboards by Mark Hughes Published by Rhano Burrell Music (ASCAP) P&C 1989 Nu Groove Records/Burrell Brothers 4. The Sound Vandals ‘On Your Way’ (Bonus Beat) Written by Carlos Cardenales & Howard Blanck Produced, Programmed & Edited by Howie How & Little Carlos for Non Stop Jamming Productions Recorded & Mixed at 3H Studios, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, NY. Mastered by MJS at Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs Published by H & L Music P&C 1991 Nu Groove Records under exclusive license from The Sound Vandals 5. Tech Trax Inc. ‘Tech Trax Inc.’ (Xplanitory Mix) Written, Produced & Mixed by Rheji Burrell Mastered by Michael Sarsfield at

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