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Dwson – Jewels

Label/Cat#: IMPLSV – IMPLSV08
Year: 2024-05-31
Genre: Deep House
Source: WEB
Format: Flac
Quality: lossless

1. Aquatone & Dwson – So Long (06:24)
2. Dwson & Roctonic SA – Topaz (06:30)
3. Dwson – Ghetto Lover (06:57)
4. Dwson – Ruby (06:46)
5. Dwson & Aizo Clutch – Don’t Wait (06:23)
6. Dwson & Keziah Tehillah – Lost In Me (06:27)
7. Dwson – Jewels (07:20)
8. Dwson – Benji (06:06)

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Introducing Dwson’s latest musical gem, “Jewels,” an immersive journey into the vibrant tapestry of South African deep house. Building upon the rich sonic landscape established in previous releases such as “IMPLSV” and “Luna EP,” and more this album invites listeners to delve deeper into Dwson’s signature sound, characterized by its fusion of soulful melodies, infectious rhythms, and evocative storytelling. Spanning eight tracks, “Jewels” showcases Dwson’s unparalleled artistry and collaborative spirit, featuring guest appearances from artists Aquatone, Keziah Tehillah, and Roctonic SA. Each track is meticulously crafted to transport listeners to a realm where downtempo soulful grooves and uptempo beats converge seamlessly, creating an atmosphere that is both hypnotic and satisfying. At the heart of “Jewels” lies Dwson’s masterful manipulation of sound, where strummed chords resonate with emotional depth, heavy bass lines pulsate with primal energy, and ethereal vocal tracks elevate the listening experience to new heights. Whether it’s the introspective introspections of Aquatone’s contribution or the infectious energy of the collaborations, each track offers a unique glimpse into Dwson’s boundless creativity and musical vision. For fans of South African deep house and aficionados of Dwson’s previous work, “Jewels” is a must-listen. With its captivating melodies, irresistible rhythms, and lush production, this album is a testament to Dwson’s status as an award-winning producer, songwriter, and artist. So, immerse yourself in the shimmering sounds of “Jewels” and experience the essence of deep house music at its finest.

01.06.2024 Album Deep House , Label IMPLSV

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